Traffic Bash 1.2

Traffic Bash 1.2



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Date Added:02 July, 2014

Author: iTopGame3

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Traffic policewoman Jenny Challenging new tasks
Sunny City is located in United States West Coast in a flourishing city. Every day thousands of traffic flow through causing frequent traffic accidents. Therefore, Traffic Bureau send traffic policewoman Jenny responsible for the transportation hub of the city. Jenny needs to direct traffic to guarantee all vehicles unhindered and prevents accident occurs. Jenny can pass the test and become a competent traffic police?

Gorgeous realistic driving effects
1?Player should according to the traffic situation on the roads, determine if the vehicle accelerates forward or stop to avoid two cars collided. Once a car accident happened then need to play again
2?Touch the vehicle at the same time slide it forward, the vehicle will accelerate forward. Touch the vehicle and not move, the vehicle stops and starts again after a few seconds.
In addition, ambulance keeps on driving at an average speed. Oil truck will leave grease stains after crossing.
3?There are day and night two game modes in the game. Vehicles in night mode flash lights to warn of giving away. It is more realistic. Do not stop vehicle in the middle of crossroad, which will increase the probability of accidents. Racing against time rhythm experience
1? Gorgeous graphic, realistic and changeable vehicles restore the real road situation,greatly enhance the playability of the game.
2?Tailoring rock sound for game, enhancing the rhythm of racing again time, creates an appropriate atmosphere of the game.
3?As the difficulty increasing, there are more and more vehicles with faster speed, only quick of eye deft of hand of the player can pass the game.

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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